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Roycroft diva, Kitty Turgeon, had been collecting Roycroft China for years and realized that there might be a market for an original Arts & Crafts china motif. After many meetings and market research, she decided to re-create one of the patterns in the Roycroft Renaissance design. The China is the classic replica of the original tableware of the landmark Roycroft Inn in East Aurora, NY.

Designed in 1905 and attributed to Dard Hunter, it was made by the Buffalo Pottery exclusively for Elbert Hubbard and the Roycrofters. Today, all three versions of the design – Renaissance, Centennial and Collector’s Look – are made by the same china company, Buffalo China (now owned by Oneida), exclusively for the Roycroft Shops. The hotel ware is dishwasher safe and microwave suitable. Like all handcrafted items, there may be natural imperfections.

Rich terra cotta and dark forest green on an off-white background decorate the Roycroft China. The inspiration is clearly derived from a Native American Indian motif. It is a stunning and distinctive design – appropriate with contemporary, art deco or southwest surroundings as well as those of the Arts & Crafts furnishings.

Since 1982 the Roycroft Renaissance china has been made with the Roycroft Renaissance mark – back-to-back R’s in the orb – and was issued to celebrate the revival of the Roycroft. The pattern dates back to 1917-1920. Notice how the terra cotta squares are situated below the dark green rim of each piece and dropped to a single line. It was originally a decal process.

In celebration of the centennial of the Roycroft Campus in 1995 a special edition with the original Roycroft mark has been issued. This pattern is from 1905-1915. Notice the subtle difference in the design as the square terra cotta squares are incorporated into the dark green rim of each piece and dropped to a double line. This is more collectible than the single line version in the original china.

The Collector’s Look was produced in 2000 for the millennium after two rare pieces of china were discovered. The original pieces date from around 1915-1917. This the rarest of the antique pieces that were made and the most coveted pieces that collectors look for …and that is why it is called Collector’s Look. We decided to produce contemporary serving pieces and accessories that would compliment both Centennial and Renaissance versions.

As a matter of fact we urge to mix and match the versions to create your own Collector’s Look!

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